Premium Presets Pack (Australian buyers only)

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Premium Presets Pack Lightroom Presets by Renclif Media.

“30 creative looks to instantly bring your photos to life” + Our 5 Free Basic Presets

The Premium Presets Pack includes:

  1. Nature Moods Presets” – Give your photos an artistic, detailed and beautiful moody style with these 15 creative looks.
  2. Architecture & Cityscape Presets” – Quickly transform your travel photos into works of art with these 15 stunning looks.
  3. The “FREE Training Video where I walk you through editing a photo from start to finish and show you the shortcut to further enhancing your photos, to give them your own personal touch and unique style!
  • Speed up your editing workflow by applying these presets to your photos within a few seconds.
  • All presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 and CC on Mac/PC computers.
  • These presets work best when applied to RAW files, but will also work with TIFF and JPEG.

* This product is only available to buyers located within Australia.

*Installation instructions are contained within your downloaded .ZIP file. Please Contact us for customer support.

Our premium collection of presets is designed to help you find a unique, creative and artistic look for each of your photos.

These presets have been tested with a variety of photos and work nicely with landscape, nature, architecture, street photography, travel photos and portraits.


Premium presets pack 30 creative lightroom presets



What these presets do:

  • Instantly enhance fine details and sharpen your photos
  • Instantly recover highlights and add contrast and mood to your photos
  • Enhance colors and brighten you photos or give your photos that classic Black & White look
  • Give your photos that artistic style and soft vintage look


What these presets don’t do:

  • They will not change your white balance or exposure as they are designed to be applied to a neutral image.
  • They will not apply noise reduction so they will not reduce the quality of your image
  • They will not apply lens correction to your photos


4 simple steps for applying my presets:

  1. Firstly make sure your exposure and white balance are correct
  2. Apply lens correction and check remove chromatic aberration
  3. Apply any of my presets to your photo
  4. Re-adjust exposure and apply noise-reduction if needed
  1. Gemma Hilton (verified owner)

    I don’t usually review things, but these presents are so good I felt like I needed to make an exception!
    I’ve been purchasing a few different preset packs lately (from different manufacturers) with the aim of speeding up my workflow in Lightroom. I found I was spending 10-20 minutes per photo, which was quickly adding up if I had a few to get through.
    The other presets I bought weren’t very useful, so I was overjoyed when I stumbled across these! They are absolutely the best I’ve tried, and all have a strong professional look and feel with a nice variety of styles on offer. They are also the only presets I’ve tried which felt like they were good enough to be used alone with minimal tweaking from me (just adjusting the exposure). The clarity and sharpness they give to an image (without making them look over-edited) is awesome!
    The nature presets definitely live up to their name, giving every photo they are used on a huge dose of atmosphere. I also find they get the colour intensity just right to bring the photos to life, without causing them to become over saturated. I’d recommend checking out the Alpine Forest, Lush Teal, & Vivid Green as your go-to presets, and then the others produce some really unique effects depending on what you are looking for. I really love the Winter Mood preset for giving photos a mystical, ethereal look.
    The architecture presets are also impressive, with Cool, Neutral, Contrast and Warm all producing fantastic starting points. It’s worth saying as well that I really liked the black and white presets. I’ve never been a big fan of black and white photos, but these 3 presets product some clean and interesting looks.
    When you buy the presets, you also get a 15 min Lightroom video tutorial for bundled in with the presets. I found it really useful. With an easy-listening voice, the presenter (Matt) is excellent at explaining things in a simple and clear way, which makes applying and tweaking his presets really easy.
    All in all well worth the money, I’m really pleased I took the plunge and purchased them!

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