Nature Moods V2 Lightroom Presets (Desktop & Mobile)


Nature Moods V2 Lightroom Presets by Renclif Media.

“10 different looks to suit your landscape photos.”

  • Speed up your editing workflow by applying these presets to your photos within a few seconds.
  • All presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 and CC on Mac/PC computers.
  • These presets work best when applied to RAW files, but will also work with TIFF and JPEG.

What you get:

  • 10 Desktop presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5,6 and CC for both Mac and PC computers.
  • 10 DNG mobile preset files for editing in Lightroom Mobile
  • Installation instructions

*Installation instructions are contained within your downloaded “Nature Moods V2 Presets” zip file. Please Contact us for customer support.

Give your photos an artistic, detailed and unique style with this collection of ‘Nature Moods V2′ Lightroom Presets Pack.

These moody nature presets have been hand-crafted in Lightroom over countless hours of experimentation. These presets are a follow up to my original “Nature Moods” Presets.

I have designed this preset pack to save you time and speed up your editing workflow.

These presets are Ideal for editing a variety of photos including landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, street photography and even portraits.


Nature Moods V2 moody lightroom preset sample photos


What these lightroom presets do:

  • Enhance fine details and sharpen your photos for print or web
  • Instantly recover highlights and add contrast and a dark mood to your photos
  • Apply a unique and dramatic film look to your photos


What these presets don’t do:

  • They will not change your white balance or exposure
  • These presets will not apply high levels of noise reduction so they will not reduce the quality of your image. It is up to you to apply noise reduction if required.
  • You should apply your own lens correction if needed


4 simple steps for applying my presets:

  1. Firstly make sure your exposure and white balance are correct
  2. Secondly, check lens correction and remove chromatic aberration
  3. Apply any of my presets to your photo
  4. Re-adjust exposure and apply some noise-reduction if needed


‘Terms & Conditions’

By purchasing and downloading our ‘Nature Moods V2‘ lr presets you hereby agree to be bound by these ‘Terms & Conditions‘.

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